Preparing your quilt:

Here are some steps that you can take to help ensure a finished quilt that you will be pleased with.


  1. Do not pin or baste your quilt.
  2. Press the back of your quilt top well.  Please make sure that all seams are pressed flat on the back and facing the desired direction.
  3. Stay-stitch ¼” around the edge of your quilt top.  This helps to prevent stretching when attached to the canvas rollers, especially if you have bias edges.  Do not serge seams or edges.
  4. Cut off trailing threads from back and front of quilt.  If there are light areas on your top, dark trailing threads showing through can distract from the finished product.
  5. Place a safety pin at the top end of the quilt top if your quilt has a desired orientation.
  6. Your top should be free of embellishments such as buttons, beads, or charms.


  1. Choose 100% cotton for your backing fabric. I’m unable to use sheets for the backing as the weave is too tight. I’m also unable to use Poly/cotton & 100% polyester because they stretch differently than cotton and can cause tucks and puckering during the quilting process. 
  2. If your quilt top fabric has been pre-washed your backing fabric should also be pre-washed.
  3. Remove selvages, use a ½” seam allowance, and press seams open on backing to prevent bulk.  Never serge backing pieces together as this will causes a lump in your quilt.
  4. Square up your backing. If you piece the backing please make sure all the pieces are the same length. 
  5. Please cut your backing and batting at least 4” larger than your quilt top ON ALL SIDES.  (Packaged batting does not need to be cut).  It is Ok if your batting/backing is larger than suggested.  I will return all remaining scraps.
  6. If you would like the seams on the backing to run a certain direction, please indicate which direction you would like (seams top to bottom or left to right).
  7. Press entire backing carefully.
  8. Place a safety pin at the top end of the quilt top and the backing if your quilt has a desired orientation.


  • Batting must be 3-6” larger than the top on all sides
  • I have Warm & Natural (80/20) available.
  • You may supply your own batting.  Recommended Batting:  Hobbs Heirloom Cotton (80/20), Warm & Natural, Hobbs Poly Down.